10 Digital Marketing Trends in 2023

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2022 solidified many changes to the world of digital marketing that began taking shape in 2021 during a massive shift in online retail brought on by the pandemic. Consumers and businesses have continued to prioritize convenience, consistency, lifestyle, and quality – a constant that is bound to remain in the new year. 2023 promises only more technological advancements in beauty, health and wellness, and AI as consumers shift and adapt towards these top 10 trends in digital marketing:

1. Artificial Intelligence

It’s the year 2023, and A.I. powers all marketing. Artificial intelligence has quietly infiltrated the digital marketing world over the past few years, and now, algorithms and other facets of AI can determine the majority of a business’s success. Social media platforms use algorithms to serve what you see, engage with, share with others, and what ads you see. These algorithms learn more as they grow, and with their evolving technology, can connect consumers with the right product. 

2. Short Videos as Cornerstone Content 

Cornerstone content refers to the most important core of information a customer will receive from your website, social media, or email campaigns. Influencer Marketing Hub suggests that 73% of consumers prefer short-form videos, containing the highest ROI over all other forms of content. Nearly a third of all short-form videos are watched over 80% of the way through, which supports their claim to conversion fame. While understanding the impact of short video bites is important, planning and executing are another ball game. Luckily, agencies like Data Street are equipped with scheduling platforms and highly skilled video editors to help launch your next viral product or message. 

3. Simplicity and Clarity in Messaging 

As attention spans continue to shrink and short-form video becomes increasingly popular, businesses have a bigger challenge than ever in communicating their messages to an audience. Businesses must be able to communicate in quick soundbites to gain the attention of mobile users. This may seem like a challenge, but services like audio advertising are becoming more and more popular as a means to close the gap. With short-form audio, you can deliver a precise message to exactly who needs to hear it while they’re already engaged. Feeling ambitious? Creating short-form videos with sound bites and voiceovers is even more engaging for users in 2023. 

4. Letting Your Customers Influence Your Brand 

The art of storytelling has always been the foundation on which marketing survives. This is no different in 2023, but experts suggest influencers will have a more significant impact and allure than advertisements can provide. That isn’t to say that strategic placement isn’t going to yield the same results as it did in 2022, but that experiences are still more relevant than hearsay. Not all businesses can afford a full-on product launch with paid-for influencers who know exactly what to say to their multi-dimensional audience; however, a customer who has had an amazing experience and wants to share it with their friends and family are often willing to do so in exchange for simple recognition, a generous discount, or other incentives.  

5. Employee Advocacy 

Employee advocacy is the process of getting your employees to talk about the business they work for. More and more businesses are realizing how powerful their employees can be. Personal posts created by employees often reach more people and are more authentic than the business accounts themselves; however, be sure not to toe the line between authenticity and obligation. Ask your employees how they would prefer to engage with the public relatability of your business. Personal social media accounts can be that, personal. Perhaps a spotlight, employee feature, or social media takeover is more appetizing to perform and will go further in the long run as the content being created is internal and unique.  

6. B2B Engagement 

LinkedIn has been around for quite some time but recently has posted record growth and engagement. It is expected to account for 25% of B2B advertising in two years. As the platform grows, it will become an increasingly valuable resource for businesses looking to connect with other businesses—and there’s a lot of opportunity there. Yet very few businesses take advantage of this. Expert observations suggest that LinkedIn will only continue to grow and the opportunity will only get bigger. Jumping in now can help solidify your success in partnerships in the long run. 

7. Sticking to the Basics 

With all the new advancements in 2023, sticking to the basics is another measure to ensure your success. That is to say that if your business still needs an extra push to cover the foundation of digital assets needed for your online presence to grow, now is the time. Don’t delay that new website another year, but work with an agency that can provide you with affordable options that can be bundled together to make an impact. Your website, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media presence, and reputation management will each play a part in your success.

8. Maintaining User Experience 

Mobile-friendly websites that are easy to use continue to be critical in 2023. You may have a handle on all of your digital marketing assets, but if your website is not easy to navigate, you’ll quickly lose potential leads. Functional form fills, enticing call-to-actions, and impressive UX design help ease the research process for customers new and old and remains a staple for both e-commerce and brick and mortar businesses. 

9. Local SEO Remains Relevant 

Consumers and businesses alike still enjoy complimentary access to these critical digital marketing goods. Improving your visibility with Local SEO listings like Google My Business, Apple Maps, Bing, Yelp, or other high domain authority listing services is a trend that will remain for 2023. If you have a local business whether it’s a restaurant, HVAC, or nail studio, having the above-mentioned listings is a paramount place to start. 

10. The Meta Verse 

We may have all witnessed the unveiling of Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse in late 2021, but the practicality of augmented reality (AR) is only finally catching up to us as of late 2022. The Meta Verse is now one of the most talked about digital experiences that top brands from all walks of consumerism are offering today. From Nike’s Nikeland to Gucci’s The Vault, virtual and augmented realities where users can connect, play, and exchange transactions are on the rise. This trend is certainly expected to evolve over the next few years, and 2023 is definitely going to be a launch pad for many others to enter the arena. 

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Your digital marketing agency should know what trends are emerging in 2023 and which to prioritize for your business goals. If this isn’t the case for you, there’s always room to grow with an agency like Data Street Marketing, which remains in the know. Increase the speed of your company’s growth with smart strategies that work. Use these trends to establish more business, expand your offerings, or grow your customer base. Meet your goals this year by contacting Data Street Marketing today! 



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