Professional Content Development Services

Content Development

Elicit customer leads through the strategic development of shareable evergreen content with your business’s unique voice.

The World of Content Marketing

Content marketing is an integral part of an inbound marketing strategy and should be constructed in a way that captures your business’s voice and positions services in an informative and solutionary way. Discussing the ins and outs of your business can often get rather technical. Developing a referential piece of content that informs on all of the intricacies and benefits of your business is a very important lead-generating tool.

Our Content Marketing Solution for Websites

Data Street houses expert content strategists who work with you to deliver the tone of your brand. We write keyword-oriented content that is reflective of your business and highlights your brand as an authority in the industry. Here is how we can turn your website into a one-stop information highway for customers: 

Content Strategy

We utilize an array of content strategies in order to meet your business goals. The end game is to convert a user into a customer, which we accomplish by:

  • Defining Your Goal
  • Identifying Your Target Audience
  • Determining the Problem – We discover what problem your business solves for that audience 
  • Illustrating what makes your business unique and developing content around it
  • Keyword Research – Allows us to see the competitive scope of the keywords that are most important to your business and how difficult it will be to rank for them within a local search query
  • Competitive Research – Identifying the keywords that matter the most to you and taking a look at the local competition that is currently ranking for those keywords
  • Determining Content Delivery – We decide which formats (ie infographics, blog posts, video content) will be most beneficial to market with

Developing Evergreen Content – This includes landing pages which will remain relevant throughout the customer research journey