Targeted Streaming TV/Over-The-Top (OTT) Services

Targeted Streaming TV (OTT)

Tactically hyper-target your potential customers as they consume content on connected television and other streaming devices. OTT describes video-on-demand services, like Hulu and Pluto.

The Advantages of Targeted Streaming TV (OTT)

Targeted Streaming Television (OTT) advertising utilizes an array of tactics to capture potential and relevant customers as they consume content across the internet. Your targeted video streaming ads are served across connected television and other streaming devices types to hyper-target users during all stages of the research and purchasing cycle. Our targeting capabilities can get as granular as you want them to be which means that we serve advertisements only to users relevant to your business or services which limits wasted advertising spend. To put it another way, targeted streaming TV (OTT) advertising puts your hook solely in front of the fish you really want to catch. Data Street now offers ad placement on Hulu and Amazon Fire in addition to various other publishers. To accomplish this our team at Data Street creates strategies based on a melding of tactics, which include:


Taking advantage of location based targeting, geo-fencing allows us to draw a virtual fence around specific points of interest (like a competitor’s store front) and then serve Ads to captured users for up to 30 days after they leave the location. We can also track foot traffic into physical conversion zones that will report offline conversions to help gauge the success of your campaign.

Addressable Geo-fencing

With Data Street’s addressable geo-fencing tactic we can draw virtual fences around the homes of consumers you want to target and serve them a variety of Ad formats (such as banner & video). Utilizing cross device matching allows your advertisements to be served across any internet enabled device that the user is frequenting. The best part is that users can still be served your Ads outside of their homes while navigating their day to day lives. Identifying specific demographics and psychographic traits at the household level allows us to pinpoint your desired customers with precision.

Site Retargeting

Ever wonder how a product you once considered purchasing followed you from the brand’s website to your next search after leaving the page? That is because you were dropped into a user pool and are being retargeted with an advertisement based on your initial purchase consideration. With access to unique retargeting technology, our site retargeting capabilities are sophisticated and impressive. Reach out to our team of targeted display specialists to learn more about site retargeting and its many benefits.

Keyword Contextual Search Retargeting

As you surf the internet and consume various content on a wide range of sites, you leave behind what we in the online marketing world refer to as “Digital Breadcrumbs”. These digital breadcrumbs are based on patterns and behaviors that are indicative of your online presence. Utilizing keyword contextual search retargeting, we are able to serve Ads to your potential customers based on keywords relevant to your business that users are reading and typing into site specific search functions.

Category Contextual Targeting

Utilizing our category contextual targeting allows you to serve your digital video ads to potential customers that are reading content or on a site categorically relevant to your business or service.

CRM Targeting

As a business owner, have you ever wondered how you can take advantage of the information you have collected from your current and past customers? With CRM targeting at Data Street Marketing we can upload a variety of data (such as names, emails, postal addresses) into our software and serve Ads to these users as they surf the internet. If you do not have a CRM list for us to upload, we can create one for you.