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The Data Street Team

Meet our distinguished team of digital advertising specialists on Data Street. Digital assassins by day, the team truly takes on a new form when embarking on a project, campaign, or marketing. Life on Data Street is about focusing on the little moments and harnessing our collective creativity to drive client success. We are dedicated to our unique passions that make us who we are in the office and outside, and that includes our day to day. As a team, it’s our greatest honor to deliver upon the opportunities we see for our clients and help them reach their marketing goals.

Frankie Crechale

Director of Digital Marketing

Alex Gant

Production Manager

Abbie Marks

SEO/Content Specialist

Jake Heroux

Multimedia Specialist

Joshua Champion

Multimedia Specialist

Greer Holladay

Digital Account Manager

Brooks Holladay

Digital Account specialist

Denise Reed

Administrative Specialist

Kayla Stevenson

PPC specialist