Targeted Email Services

Targeted Email

Maximize sophisticated digital technology to identify a specific audience and deliver a message directly to them via their email inboxes.

The Advantages of Targeted Email

Targeted Email Marketing allows your business to send relevant messages to interested and hyper-targeted potential customers by delivering your creative, engaging content directly to their inboxes. Email segmentation allows us to create a custom Targeted Email List based on our analysis of demographic and location data, along with income, life events, education, employment data and so much more. Rather than wasting your efforts targeting the same individuals who are already in your network, Targeted Email allows you to reach a fresh customer base who exhibit the same or similar interests are your current network. 

Effective uses of Targeted Email include:

Once we have a fine-tuned list to send your targeted message to, we’ll send your event, product launch, promotional offer, or fundraiser to thousands of fresh inboxes. Targeted Email is perfect for reaching individuals who may have visited a similar website recently and are looking for a deal before purchasing a lifestyle item, individuals who demonstrate an interest in local causes or charity, or those who reside in a certain area code. Overall, there are many ways to effectively utilize this service in order to reach your marketing goals of: 

  • Promoting products and services.
  • Promoting special offers.
  • Increasing consumers’ awareness of the brand.
  • Enhancing customer retention.
  • Encouraging actions such as: purchasing products or services, attending events, and voting in elections. 

Measuring Your Success | Data Street Marketing | Targeted Email Services

With the ability to include multiple click-throughs, you can measure response and engagement to distinct calls to action. Data Street builds reports for your Targeted Email campaign to assist you in accurately gauging ROI by identifying the number of email opens and the number of clicks for each assigned click-thru, and even allowing you to compare email audience data to purchaser data. Interested in Targeted Email for your marketing goals? Contact us today.