Targeted Email Services in Dothan, AL

Targeted Email

Maximize sophisticated digital technology to identify a specific audience and deliver a message directly to them via their email inboxes.

The Advantages of Targeted Email

Targeted Email Marketing allows your business to send relevant messages to interested and hyper-targeted potential customers by delivering your creative, engaging content directly to their inboxes. Your custom Targeted Email List is created based on our analysis of demographic and location data, along with income, life events, education, employment data and so much more.  

Effective uses of Targeted Email include:

  • promoting products and services
  • promoting special offers
  • increasing consumers’ awareness of the brand
  • enhancing customer retention, and even 
  • encouraging actions such as
    • purchasing products or services
    • attending events, and 
    • voting in elections. 

With the ability to include multiple click-thrus, you can measure response and engagement to distinct calls to action. 

Reports for Targeted Emails assist you in accurately gauging ROI by identifying number of email opens, number of clicks for each assigned click-thru, and even allowing you to compare email audience data to purchaser data.