Streaming Audio Services

Streaming Audio

Target your potential customers as they consume music and entertainment on the go. Deliver ads in audio format through online streaming apps.

The Advantages of Streaming Audio

Streaming audio takes the engagement of traditional radio campaigns and adds the targeting and measurability of digital marketing. On apps like Spotify, tunein, Wondery, and more, Data Street Marketing can hone in on the right audience using demographics like age, gender, location, and musical taste. Real-time insights into audience behavior allow us to fine-tune your targeting for better results. 


People are spending more time consuming digital audio than ever before. Spotify’s reported revenue has already grown by 24% in 2022 as users reach 182 million. Reaching customers as they listen to their favorite tunes is in our DNA, but streaming audio offers an avenue that Display Advertising, Social Media, and Search can not. Discover the many benefits of streaming audio that add to your traditional campaign: 

  • Cost-Effective – Traditionally, it’s cheaper to produce an audio ad than it is to produce a TV ad. Audio ads are easier to create and generally require less labor. 
  • Engaging – Most ads on streaming audio platforms are not-skippable. By limiting the number of ads played in a row and removing the option to skip, apps see an increase in engagement. 
  • Trackable Ad Spend – Audio ads provide in-depth data insights for advertisers to understand their campaign results better and attribute listens to ad spend or conversion costs.
  • Click-Through Capabilities – Companion banner ads can be displayed on-screen while the user is being served a streaming audio ad. This allows advertisers to integrate visual and audio ads together.


With high engagement and brand recall, podcasts are an exciting digital advertising tool. These long-format audio broadcasts are consumed across generations but largely by millennials. Podcasts nationwide are experiencing year-over-year growth in listenership – engaging and relevant content captures the attention of the user seamlessly which improves the advertising experience. Statistics show that 54% of podcasts listeners are more likely to consider purchasing from a brand after listening to an ad via podcast.