A New Style of Card for Your Business

Digital Business Cards

A convenient, paperless way to network with your clients.

Digital Business Card Services

Digital or electronic business cards—powered by dynamic QR Codes—safely store your contact information in an online format known as .vcf (virtual contact file). This contact information card can be conveniently shared in numerous ways—via your Apple or Google Wallet, email signature, social media, etc. All it takes is a scan of your QR Code for your customers to view your contact information, and save it on their smartphones with a single click. Alternatively, you can embed the business card QR Code on a physical paper-based card. 

Benefits of A Digital Business Card 

  • Eliminate the time-consuming hassle of manually searching for and typing every contact detail onto a smartphone. More perks? Since a digital business card is powered by an editable QR code (a.k.a. dynamic QR Code), you can update your contact information at the backend without the need for regenerating or resharing your e-business card. 
  • Your prospects or customers can view your updated business card details in real-time, which eliminates the need to reprint cards, spend more money on additional copies and redistribute updated cards.
  • Another advantage of using e-business cards is the ability to gain access to first-party user data. Whenever someone scans your QR Code, you can leverage card analytics and metrics to better optimize your networking efforts.
  • Additionally, when you create digital business cards with Data Street Marketing, you can retarget users—on Facebook and Google—who have scanned the dynamic QR Code on your e-business card. This can help you nudge and follow up on prospects who have shown interest in your business but haven’t converted yet.

Get Your Digital Business Card from Data Street Marketing Today | Digital Marketing Agency

Customize and personlaize your brand identity with an editable QR business card from Data Street Marketing. Add your company logo, use brand colors, include a relevant CTA, and experiment with QR code shapes for your e-business cards. The goal being to create a digital business card that stands out and prompts the user to scan it to get in touch with you. Interested in learning more? Contact us today for a quote!