PPC Services in Jackson, MS

Members Exchange Credit Union

The Client

For over 50 years, Members Exchange Credit Union (MECU) has helped manage the finances of local communities throughout the state of Mississippi. Through a customer service-focused approach MECU stands at the top of local financial institutions by servicing its members with a warm welcome, a knowledgeable solution, a passionate commitment, and a relationship for life. 

The Project Scope

Members Exchange came to Data Street in need of a concerted digital marketing strategy that complemented their current internal and traditional marketing efforts. We started by messaging who they were to the masses through email marketing, content development, targeted display advertising, search engine marketing, and SEO. The rest as they say is history.

Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

When taking over the MECU pay-per-click (PPC) account, our first objective was to mitigate wasted spending through a thorough keyword audit, appropriate keyword management, and negative keyword matching. Next, we overhauled their existing account with the SKAG approach (single keyword ad group) to ensure that each ad was hyper-targeted and specific to the intent of the searcher. This increased Ad quality scores and in turn afforded us more winning bids on valuable industry-specific keywords. The results over the last two years have been phenomenal and as of 2022 we have boasted a 32% conversion rate, increased total conversions YOY by 2393% all while managing to lower their cost per conversion by 97%.

Search Engine Optimization

Additionally, we focused on a symbiotic search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for MECU that would complement our paid search efforts. Our strategy focuses centrically on creating on-page localized blog content with the purpose of providing insightful financial information for potential and current members of MECU as well as improving search rankings in order to create more search engine traffic tied to the keyword lists we created for paid search. In order to help this along, we have an implemented manual back-linking strategy and also cross-promote each blog through their highly-trafficked internal social media pages. Throughout our management, we have seen overall improvements in search engine traffic, including: 

  • 84% more unique visitors to the website
  • 28% more unique visitors from search engines 
  • 7% improvement in website goal completions from search engines

Targeted Display Advertising

Implementing Targeted Display has been the knock-out punch for MECU over the last 2 years. Targeted Display works similarly to traditional media in that it is very branding oriented. With its array of tactics, we’re able to leverage the branding cultivated by MECU over the last 50 years through traditional mediums. Our focus is to serve messages tailored to their ideal audience based on demographics, physical location, and even based on their online behaviors. Thanks to this hyper-targeted service line, we have been able to create increased revenues from loans and memberships steadily since 2020.


Our team has fostered a long-lasting professional relationship with MECU. We have enjoyed sharing in the successes of revenue and membership increases since implementing their digital marketing strategy. Before we took over the account, their online presence was not working in their favor and was costing them potential revenue. Since partnering with our team, they continue to reinvest in online marketing YOY and are continuing to steadily grow.

Data Street is proud to partner with a customer-centric local business with many years of service within the local communities it represents.