Social Media Management Agency in Richland, MS

Rankin Rural Medical Clinic

The Client

Rankin Rural Medical Clinic is a fairly new healthcare facility in Richland, Mississippi, which was seeking to develop brand exposure as well as increase phone calls and foot traffic.  Although Rankin Rural offers urgent care, a main goal of the clinic was to encourage local families to establish care with the clinic. 

The Project Scope

Rankin Rural Medical Clinic approached Data Street with a desire to establish a strategic digital marketing campaign that would help brand the clinic as well as grow their patient base.  Being relatively new was a challenge for this locally owned and operated medical clinic.  After a thorough audit, Data Street Marketing created a multi-platform digital marketing strategy that combined social media advertising, Targeted Display Advertising, and Search Engine Marketing (PPC).  Throughout the campaign, Rankin Rural Medical Clinic saw a significant increase in phone calls, website traffic, and physical foot traffic at the Richland, Mississippi clinic.


Utilizing both Facebook and Instagram, Data Street created original content for both an organic and paid social approach to help brand the clinic, recruit employees, and build their patient base. By using varying video and static image graphics and copy that featured the relevant and timely services along with staff highlights, Rankin Rural saw immediate overall growth in page reach of over 166% on Facebook and 484% on Instagram within the first month of Data Street’s social media management. Throughout the six month campaign, both platforms saw consistent engagement and response. Social ad campaigns consisted of boosted posts and paid ads and reached more than 25,000 people, resulting in healthy engagement, including more than 1,100 clicks that demonstrated brand recognition and local interest.

Targeted Display Advertising

Because Rankin Rural Medical Clinic was a new clinic, Targeted Display was an instrumental tool to target an audience outside of social media.  This tactic also worked hand-in-hand with Search Engine Marketing by retargeting visitors to the Rankin Rural website.  Targeting selects allowed Data Street to serve ads to individuals and families who were nearby and seeking to establish medical care with a convenient, locally owned medical facility.  Geo-fencing (including Addressable Geo-fencing) tracked at least 36 potential patients who were served ads and then physically walked into the clinic.  In addition, click-through rates were consistently well-above industry standards.

Search Engine Marketing

Creating Rankin Rural Medical Clinic’s pay-per-click campaign gave Data Street the freedom to initiate the campaign with a strong strategy to capture those searching for clinic terms, facilities which accept certain insurances and Medicaid, as well as branded terms.  The SEM campaign proved successful with more than 2,700 clicks and an impressive almost 1,400 phone calls tracked.


It was our pleasure to help promote Rankin Rural Medical Clinic’s brand in order to help them with their goals of building a local, established patient base as well as providing an urgent care resource for their community, and we look forward to working with them again on future campaigns.