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Rolling Fork Rising

The Client

Rolling Fork Rising is leading people out of generational poverty in the Mississippi Delta region. As a 501c3 MS non-profit organization born out of the devastating tornado that struck the delta on 3/24/23, RFT seeks to rebuild more than just homes. The storm leveled more than 100 rental homes. The owners of those properties have mostly abandoned their tenants, leaving them homeless. RFR is working closely with these families to teach financial, spiritual, and economic principles to help them become homeowners rather than renters. Ultimately securing a stronger economic foundation for the region and replacing generational poverty with the opportunity for generational wealth.

New Website

Data Street has worked with Rolling Fork Rising by launching a new website with donation capabilities, creating a Donor Presentation Deck, producing video, email, and other graphic collateral to enhance and aid RFR’s efforts to rebuild their community. During a recent feature on GMA (Good Morning America), Rolling Fork Rising was able to accept donations via their website to help with these pivotal efforts.