How Hyper-Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns Can Work For Your Business

 What is Targeted Email Marketing?

Targeted Email Marketing allows your business to reach greater volumes of customers based on segmented characteristics like profile, data history, behavior, location, and more. By segmenting your subscribers and sending targeted emails that speak to these specific interests or goals, you can craft more personalized messages that hit your audience at just the right time within their shopping journey.


Personalization vs. Hyper-Personalization

The difference between personalization and hyper-personalization is simple: one lacks the application of leveraged data. Hyper-personalized email marketing campaigns take demographic data and pair it with real-time data. This is data that is constantly changing based on things like lead performance, campaign performance, and conversion rates. In addition, it includes the skilled use of psychographic and behavioral data in order to create personalized messaging beyond your everyday branding guidelines. Hyper-personalized campaigns take the viewer further into an email based on interest rather than assuming brand loyalty.

A successful attempt to personalize an email marketing initiative won’t likely come from the equation: “Company name” +  “Customer’s first name” = “Call to Action” + Conversion. That would be an example of a traditional personalized email which may have worked in the past, however with today’s changing customer journey and expectations, hyper-targeting is the new personalization. It’s akin to the evolving abilities we as marketers have using behavioral data and segmentation. With hyper-targeted emails, you can create powerful and personal campaigns that speak to the customer’s social experience as well as their consumer journey.


Does Hyper-Targeted Email Marketing Work?

So, does it work? An outstanding 98% or marketers think so while only 22% of consumers believe that it’s done right. Let’s take a closer look into some of the biggest e-commerce retail sites today. According to Instapage, over 35% of Amazon’s email conversions are powered by their recommendations sent through hyper-personalized experiences. Using the following data points, Amazon is able to yield impressive results:

  • Full name
  • Search query
  • Average time spent on search
  • Past purchase history
  • Brand affinity
  • Categorical browsing habits
  • Time of past purchased
  • Average spend amount


Amazon takes it a step further by focusing on these four “item-to-item” data points or collaborative filtering segments in unison to suggest products:

  • Previous purchase history
  • Items in the shopping cart
  • Items rated and liked
  • Items liked and purchased by other similar customers within similar segments


Other forms of hyper-personalization can be used aside from email marketing. For example, Starbucks utilizes real-time data to send personalized messages, discounts, or alerts to app users encouraging them to engage with the brand.


4 Benefits of Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns for Small Businesses

Let’s look at an every-day example of hyper-targeted email marketing. You’ve recently reviewed your website’s analytics and have noticed a significant number of users spending a good amount of time, 5 minutes or more, on a landing page for a specific product you offer. You reach out to a digital marketing agency like Data Street who can help you create the right images, messaging, and conversion elements needed for the campaign to succeed. Data Street’s digital marketing experts will group these users into a pool of their own, or a segment, and prepare an email template for the product they have their eyes on. Perhaps they will advise you to offer a 10% discount on this product, inquire about purchasing history, or localize your campaign to better fit the psychographics and demographic of the customer segment- the return on investment you could receive by simply leveraging this data available at your fingertips could be substantial. All that’s needed to succeed in your email marketing campaign are these four “E’s” and a qualified digital marketing agency:


Elevate Your Status

By properly segmenting your customer base, you’ll automatically be improving your relevancy in a way that encourages individuals to be receptive. Sending an email isn’t just about being top-of-mind as a brand, it’s about connecting with your audience. Customers who receive relevant content are more likely to engage, click, and convert because of how it aligns with their goals. Over time, your ability to remain in-touch with their interests, values, and world-view will yield impressive results. Successful email marketing doesn’t only lead to improvements in B2C relations, but it positions you as an authority in your industry and can accompany your marketing efforts to improve overall brand recognition.


Earn Recognition

This takes us to our next must-do. In order to increase your return on investment, the messaging used must properly reflect the segment of each campaign. As mentioned above, receiving relevant messages leads to more engaged readers – depending on where they are in their shopping journey, this engagement can lead to immediate action or delayed action. Delayed conversions are just as important as immediate purchases. Remaining consistent with your messaging while utilizing a variety of marketing tactics (accompanied by thorough branding guidelines) will make the most impact and keep you top-of-mind for when the time comes.


Exceed Expectations

Customer loyalty starts by understanding your customer base, studying each segment and their performance. This is how you build better relationships with your customers in a world where you don’t always get to shake hands after a sale. When you really know your customers and personalize your emails accordingly, they’ll hold your marketing in higher regard. Consider email marketing a digital “wave” or greeting. Saying “hi” at the right time with a message that corresponds with their lifestyle and shopping journey will help you stand out from the rest and allow you to exceed their expectations. This could lead to longer client or customer retention. The more you market to expand the life cycle of your customer relationships, the better.


Evolve Your Brand with Ease

The experience you deliver through segmentation and personalization will encourage customers to return. So, what’s the key? Consistency. When you’re consistently learning about your audience and optimizing your campaigns to better benefit the customer, you ensure they stay engaged and are receiving value from your emails. Shoppers who value your experiences will seek you out, in and out of the inbox. If you’re able to replicate or even better, improve upon that experience in the shopping journey while having an omnichannel approach, they’ll become fans of your brand. A brand’s greatest evolutionary moment is when its customers become fans and begin to market by spreading the word, sharing posts, reels, and the like. Here’s when you really get to sit back, just for a moment, and reap the benefits.


Hyper-Targeted Email Campaigns with Data Street Marketing | Jackson, MS

Are you interested in leveraging your website’s data but aren’t sure how to begin? At Data Street Marketing, we’ve implemented hyper-targeted email marketing campaigns that yield impressive results. Let us help you build your key audience segments, develop impactful messaging and graphics, and leverage your data in a way that can help you increase conversions and create fans out of your customer base! Reach out to our experts at Data Street Marketing in Jackson, MS to get started. If you’re interested in learning more about the services we provide including Targeted DisplaySocial Media ManagementWeb Development and Design, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO)contact us today.




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